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HDL Series Blow by Continuous Extrusion

Set of plastic molding through blow, of continuous extrusion. It allows the use of multiple heads, for any kind of article blown, with capacity of up to 5 liters. For thermoplastics such as high or low-density polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC. Low cost per unit produced.


Bottle for mineral water, packaging for oil, alcohol, carbonated drinks, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, hygiene and cleaning and some types of wide-mouth bottles.


Length(mm): 3.000
Width(mm): 1.820
Height(mm): 2.350
Weight(kg): 3.500

HDL 3,5L
Length(mm): 3.000
Width(mm): 1.820
Height(mm): 2.400
Weight(kg): 4.000

Length(mm): 3.000
Width(mm): 1.820
Height(mm): 2.450
Weight(kg): 4.300

Weight and measure depends on machine configuration.

Number of cavities possible for molds.

Double 150/200mm
Triple 130/150mm
Quadruple 90/100mm
Quintuple up to 90mm
Sextuple up to 90mm

Maximum distance between centers.