Blow by continuous extrusion: Bimatic Series

  • Ideal for the manufacture of blown packaging for the sectors of hygiene and cleaning, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, food products and small-volume technical parts.
  • Versatility, high productivity and automation
  • Allows the coupling of various optional extras.

Blow – Continuous Extrusion: HDL Series

  • Bottom blow equipment for packaging, technical parts, toys and various products.
  • Versatile, low investment with high productivity.
  • Option for lost-head blow and self-starting of the whole process.


Blow – Accumulation: HPZ and HDL Series

  • Serves the segment of medium and big-size packaging, such as industrial and agrochemical drums, technical parts, auto parts and products for civil construction
  • Own technology
  • Automatic production resources
  • Safe operation and high versatility

Blow: PET Preform

  • High productivity and excellent cost-benefit for blow packaging with varied volumes
  • Automatic feeder of PET preforms
  • Allows the coupling of automation and productivity optional extras
  • Production capacity of up to 5,000 bottles/hour (vol. up to 500 ml)
  • Volumetric capacity of up to 2,000 ml

Injection: HXF Series

  • Serves several sectors of activity, such as lids, toys, technical parts (including automotive) and for PET preforms.
  • Complete line of injectors with up to 1,600 tons of closing capacity.
  • International technology with the Best Technical Assistance in the market.


Integrated injection and blow: ISI Series

Ideal for pharmaceutical, chemical, food complement, beverages and cosmetics packaging, among others, and production allied to environmental protection.

Continuous, automated production due to having multiple cavities in one sole mold. Simultaneous operation of bottles blowing and extrusion, with low energy consumption. High precision of the internal and external diameters, and thread, guaranteeing the measure of the mouths.