Bimatic Series Model BMT 1.0S



Bimatic Series Model BMT 1.0S

  • Automatic blower with one blowing station. Ideal for small-volume bottles. 
  • More cavities per mold;
  • Double pumps for high pressure at closing; 
  • Up to 30% energy saving; 
  • Hydraulics with regenerative system for higher speed; 
  • New mold-holding plate closing system; 
  • Closing speed controlled by proportional valve for perfect welding; 
  • High productivity;
  • Quality management system certified in ISO 9001 by SGS ICS; 
  • Horizontal displacement of mold-holding carts with graphite-applied columns and bushes; 
  • Overhead function for extruded hose cutting.

Number of cavities possible for molds Maximum distance between centers

unico.fw duplo.fw triplo.fw
Single Double up to 75mm Triple

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